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Story of a Modern-Day Miracle

How faith can make a diffrence in life
Story of a Modern-Day Miracle
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The following are stories of miracles sent in by website viewers just like YOU.

It was about 7 years ago when  I was on holiday in Kansas.  I had just had a baby and was visiting my aunt. I  had just come out of the hospital when a gust of wind was heading my way. With no experience of hurricanes I thought nothing of it. Later on, I was hanging up some washing with my baby in my arms when the wind got stronger. I heard some people screaming run its coming. I moved some sheets out of the way so I could see when it was too late my baby had gone. and it all went black.  When I awoke all I could think about was my baby. A week later I went to my aunt's church. I prayed to the lord to protect my baby. As I went outside through the park which would lead to my aunt's house I heard a cry from the bushes. I looked and hallelujah my baby was safe with not a scratch on her. I think the lord saved her that day.

I was about 13 yrs old I still remember like it was yesterday I was playing on a pile of clothes and I had a thing that you twist to make blinds open and shut.  I was chewing on the hook and when it slid down the second or third time and the hook got lodged in the back of my throat so I came out of the kitchen surpassingly very calm even though I was choking.  My Mom told my dad to call 911, he couldn't do it so she told him to hold me while she did it.  After she got off of the phone she held me and she said that I pulled the hook out but to this day I think it was God and his Angels who helped me that day.

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